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Proud of our labels / Passionate about our customers

Our success is based on our unprecedented commitment to customer service and quality, as well as our investment in state-of-the-art equipment, including the very latest combination, digital and computer-to-plate technology. Add to that our industry expertise and training and development that is second to none, and what you get is a truly excellent package.

AJS Labels

AJS Labels in Littlehampton has a 40 year heritage and is rightfully recognised as an innovator at the forefront of the labelling industry. The company was the first in England to invest in digital and now utilises the very latest in both digital and conventional print.

At the heart of the companyà³µccess is our unrivalled, award-winning customer service philosophy together with a passion for quality and 100% OTIF delivery.

AJS Labels has invested heavily in the latest technology and produces some of the finest labels on the market.

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AJS North

AJS labels has acquired a new factory near Leeds, in the north of the country. This site satisfies demand not only for labels, but also for contingency, mirroring the production and capabilities of our Littlehampton site.

AJS North has been designed with the environment very much in mind. It employs the latest technology and is the production centre for our northern customers, thus keeping our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.

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Our customers

Among the realms of customers that come to AJS Labels to supply their labels and help solve their labelling dilemmas are more than just a handful of well-known names. You will easily recognise these high street stars who appear on our client list and have helped ensure our 'blue chip' status: The Body Shop, Simple, Nestle, Akzo Nobel 䵬ux, Morrisons, Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount, Hozelock, Tesco, Nature's Way Foods...we could go on.

But our smaller, niche customers are just as important and valued by us. That list includes: The Arundel Brewery, Kate's Cakes, Figs & Rouge, Hidden Spring, Red River Solutions, Breaky Bottom Vineyard, Recycled Construction Systems, PCJ Tyres...this list could also go on.

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Our staff

Since its beginnings in 2009, AJS Labels has continued to grow, increasing our staff from 50 to 60 and everyone of them dedicated to performing their role to the best of their abilities to give you a Gold Standard service every time.

To stay in the lead, the company invests not only in state-of-the art technology and equipment, but in the expertise, knowledge and skills of its workforce. This requires a strong focus on the training and development needs of all members of staff 沯m the boardroom to the shopfloor.

Training begins from the moment a new member of staff joins the company and continues throughout their career with us. Our training and development encompasses:

  • Comprehensive induction training for every new member (health & safety, fire precautions, first aid, hazards)
  • Standard operating procedures
  • International quality standard ISO 9001
  • Customer-lead training (eg. British Retail Consortium's Hygiene Standard)
  • Supplier-lead training on new equipment, software etc
  • Subject- and job-specific training to ensure all staff have the necessary skills to perform their jobs effectively and to keep them abreast of new developments, trends and techniques
  • On-the-job training and multiskilling
  • Ad hoc director-lead Bitesize Briefings
  • Apprenticeships
  • Leadership in Management training with The Leadership Trust
  • Royal Military Academy Sandhurst's Executive Stretch programme in leadership, teamwork and communication skills.

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Our commitment to you

Our aim is simple - to provide you with the best service you will ever experience from any supplier of any product or service.

To do that we will work in partnership with you to understand your business, your products and your label requirements.

We will advise and support you through the label buying process and ensure that the end products meet your exact requirements.

We will adopt the best technology and methods and keep abreast of all industry developments.

We will adhere to all industry standards to ensure that our operations meet the highest quality and

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Our commitment to the community

To help achieve the partnership approach we espouse at AJS, the company has a full and active social and sporting calendar - soccer matches and bowling matches with local customers, team sports from rowing to rounders. There are regular social outings and we try to take time out to celebrate all our successes, both large and small, and at least once a month hold workforce briefings, departmental and one-to-one briefings to keep everyone up-to-date.

Our noticeboards are not dominated with compliance notices and statistics that no-one understands, rather they feature photos of the latest social at the races or prize-giving at the anniversary supper.

Our staff are also encouraged to be involved in the community and we have many examples of staff doing great things in and out of work. We have scout and cub leaders, rowing and football captains, football and cricket club managers, NHS and Hospice volunteers and many charity fundraisers. Two of our directors walked to the Southern tip of India this year to raise money to build homes for local communities, two ran the Cancer Research Race For Life, four entered an Army endurance competition and one ran the London Marathon.

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Our commitment to the environment

AJS Labels is fully committed to minimising the impact of its operations on the environment.

We have adopted appropriate systems that comply with Packaging Waste Legislation. We have the necessary consent from Southern Water for the discharge of trade effluent, which is well within the permitted limit. Extractions from our print machinery, mainly from the drying processes, are removed from the factory through the roof to extract any fumes created and regular emission testing reveals and confirms that we are well within environmental standards.

Procedures to manage the environmental issues of our activities have been established to ensure that all of our waste materials are recycled or are disposed of according to all relevant legislation. This includes segregation and recycling of paper and board waste, disposal of inks and chemicals in accordance with current legislation.

In a positive effort to help preserve the environment, AJS Labels is committed to the use of materials which are environmentally friendly, originate from environmentally managed forests/sources and contain minimal or no environmentally harmful substances. Our key paper and board suppliers have confirmed that their materials are produced from pulp which originates from resource managed forests in a way which minimises any adverse effects on the environment. We also have additional product information on file substantiating that pulps used in the production of the standard boards we purchase are elemental chlorine free. Our ink and varnish suppliers have confirmed that all products supplied to us comply with the REACH regulation and all will be pre-registered / registered correctly, and comply with all current E.U. legislation.

This policy is in accordance with our customers' wishes and that of our own and we endeavour to offer environmentally sensitive solutions wherever and whenever possible. As part of our policy we will work with our suppliers, whose products, processes or services may have a significant environmental impact, with a view to reducing this wherever practicable.

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