The Tim Gittings Trophy is awarded to AJS Labels Digital Operator

Digital Operator, Jon Miles, is the latest member of staff to be awarded the AJS Labels Tim Gittings Trophy for excellence.


Jon left school at 16 and was eager to work so joined an agency in Chertsey close to where he was living at the time. He was sent to Proctor & Gamble to work on the shampoo and toothpaste filling lines. When he moved south in 2008 he applied for a job at AJS Labels ‘because it was a different job in an unusual industry.’

Jon started in the digital cell running the old Digicon with all its quirks and problems. Trained by Digital Cell Manager Lewis Gordon, he soon picked the job up. ‘He was really good from the word go, hard-working and with a great attitude.’ He also had a spell in rewind and then completed his HP Esko trained which enabled him to carry out repro for the digital press. In 2015 he moved onto the press itself and went to Barcelona for HP Level 1 training.

‘Jon is one of the most committed members of staff in the company,’ said Lewis. ‘He is very, very flexible and never lets me down. He’s never late or sick but works incredibly hard and is always keen to learn more. I’m delighted that he has won the Tim Gittings Trophy.’

Jon’s flexibility means he can turn his hand to practically anything digital. He’s even been known to repro an urgent job, print and then rewind it on a night shift in order to get it out on time. That’s impressive!

‘Jon is such an asset to the company and our fastest Digicon operator,’ said MD Phil Smith. ‘He’s a real company man and team player who even delivers labels on his way home from work. A well-deserved winner.’

‘I’m happy to have won this Trophy,’ said Jon. ‘I put a lot of hours in and work hard to get the job done.’






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