AJS Labels Customer Service - Award Winners

Policy Statement:

AJS Labels are committed to providing high levels of service to all our customers. We continuously review our performance and set clear, concise improvement plans where required. We also regularly review our service levels and agreements with our customers to ensure your views are taken in account in the continual improvement of AJS' services.

Every customer is matched to an account manager within our Customer Service Team, giving you a dedicated and personal contact within the company. They will ensure that you receive clear, accurate information and advice whenever and wherever you need it.

Our Aims:

  • to be a friendly and approachable company, which is supportive and responsive to our customers
  • to be accomplished and proficient in everything we do
  • to be knowledgeable and well-informed so that we are able to efficiently and successfully meet the needs of our customers
  • to be reliable, honest, dependable and consistent so that our customers can have confidence in our services.