Meet The AJS Labels Team

  • Phil Smith Managing Director

    Phil Smith

    When it comes to labels there’s not much Phil doesn’t know and that’s because he’s been there, seen it and done it over a 16-year career with the company, in its various guises - account management, purchasing, planning, MIS control, commercial, technical and operations management. Go on, see if you can come up with a question he can’t answer...actually don’t bother.

    Joined: January 1999

    Favourite label: The Body Shop’s Love range label – “Great looking and defies logic with 14 colours! But signifies what AJS is all about – exceeding customers’ expectations”.

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  • Ian Hamer Finance Director

    Ian Hamer

    The smartest man in the office and I’m not just talking brainpower, Ian heads up the AJS Finance team. Trained and qualified with top accountancy firm PwC, Ian’s passion for manufacturing lead him away from financial services and into electro-optics, chemicals, computer hardware and now print. At home Ian has a keen interest in the visual arts and design, which seems to fit in rather well with labels.

    Joined: 2015

    Favourite label: Brighton Gin - 'It’s both aesthetically strong and technically challenging, capturing the spirit and excitement of the seaside city. The Brighton Gin website declares “it needed to be done”, and I’m certainly glad it was. You just can’t beat the taste of their botanicals…”

  • John Davies Sales Manager, AJS North

    John Davies

    Quiet and unassuming at work but something of a social demon at weekends, John is highly regarded and respected by colleagues and customers alike. During the week he diligently attends to the commercial functions at our Northern site, as well as external sales for Littlehampton. At weekends though this sports-mad family man is well-known for enjoying his football and rugby, and a celebratory drink or three.

    Joined: August 2000

    Favourite label: The award-winning Wilko Timbercare label

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  • Martin Addey Site Manager, AJS North

    Martin Addey

    Martin is a Yorkshire lad born and bred who knows everything there is to know about the printing world; you just need to look at his connections on Linkedin! Having spent most of his working life in the label industry, Martin is now heading up our new AJS northern site in Featherstone. When he's not involved in printing, Martin's favourite pastime is definitely golf!

    Joined: 2013

    Favourite Label: Shampooheads - 'This great label is the first that I printed when I joined AJS so it has special memories for me!'

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  • Craig Howe Technical Manager

    Craig Howe

    Craig may think his day-to-day role is to oversee all new jobs that come in, ensure the print process meets customers’ requirements and jobs are completed to their expectations, but he’s kidding himself if he thinks that’s it. Craig is AJS’ Every (and Everywhere) Man, with barely a single department not having to liaise with him at some point during the day. He’s also our very own IT-Mr-Fix-It.

    Joined: October 2000

    Favourite label: Dulux Kitchen Paint Label – “For its great high quality image.”

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  • Sean Peat Purchasing & Logistics Manager

    Sean Peat

    Aside from being AJS’ resident funny man with a key role in keeping the sales team entertained, Sean is actually employed to plan the daily schedules and purchase all the raw materials and consumables. He’s been with us for 16 years and says he still enjoys it.

    Joined: July 1998

    Favourite label: Dinosaurs – “The tactile effect is great.”

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  • Peter Lendrum Senior Buyer

    Peter Lendrum

    Quiet but with a steely determination, Purchasing Co-ordinator Peter is like a bulldog when it comes to negotiations and driving a hard bargain with our suppliers. But it doesn’t stop there; when not at work, he's a successful collector and dealer of rare speakers and urban art. A keen traveller and sportsman, Peter has still found time to gain an NVQ Level 4 in Procurement and is a Member of Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply.

    Joined: 2008

    Favourite label: Staggeringlygood Beer Post Impact Winter Darkness - 'This digital label is simply eye catching and looks remarkable and as a result the beer is now selling rapidly.'

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  • Chris Green Sales Manager

    Chris Green

    Having started out working for the Inland Revenue and the local council, Chris came to his senses and joined us. When he’s not attending to our customers’ every needs, he’s usually to be found kicking or hitting a ball on a sports field somewhere.

    Joined: September 2005

    Favourite label: Bells Healthcare Peel and Read Label with Braille - “The first label we’ve produced with both peel and read and Braille, which was a real challenge for both myself and production.”

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  • Jon Tucker Production Manager

    Jon Tucker

    Jon loves working for us so much he moved back to the area just to take up another job with AJS. Ok, that may not be entirely accurate, but he did return to the AJS fold after a period away and is now settled in what he says is “happiest role here”. He also lives, breathes, plays and coaches football.

    Joined: August 2003-November 2005 & re-joined: April 2009

    Favourite label: Roggenkamp Organics Tomaten Wrap and Lid Labels – “Roggenkamp was the first customer I was given and these labels are from the first print run.”

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  • Kelly Smith Account Manager

    Kelly Smith

    A warm-hearted person who can’t  handle the cold, Kelly may not have made it quite as far as the boardroom yet but she’s come a long way since joining us as a packer. Kelly brings her wealth of experience (as well as jumpers, gloves and scarves) in virtually every area of AJS’ operation to her latest role.

    Joined: October 2002

    Favourite label: Family Stars Label – “This two-ply label, because of the long hard thought process that went into making this label happen.”

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  • Chris Garrett Account Manager

    Chris Garrett

    Another avid football fan (we can’t escape them here), this time of his home team Brighton & Hove Albion, Chris is the wise old owl of our sales team having been in print for 44 years – less of the old, more of the owl mind.

    Joined: Novemeber 2007

    Favourite label: Higher Nature Advanced Nutrition Complex label – “A very attractive label, printed digitally on silver vac material.”

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  • Alan Budd Account Manager

    Alan Budd

    Another sports fanatic, Alan enjoys playing cricket, football, golf, in fact just about everything! Having spent 8 years developing his customer service skills as a Front of House Supervisor, he’s now applying those considerable skills to helping our customers. Not suprisingly he's developed a special penchant for wine labels.

    Joined: November 2013

    Favourite label: Maud Heath - English Sparkling Wine "Printed on the digital press but with some great added effects to really turn it into a classy wine label"

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  • Jordan Dudas Account Manager

    Jordan Dudas

    Jordan is the youngest member of our sales team and as an ex-player for Brighton and Hove Albion, he fits in very well. Recently passing his NVQ Level 3 in Print Management, Jordan has been quick to learn the technical side of the business and is a whizz with complex customer orders. He won PrintWeek Apprentice of the Year 2014; something we're all very proud of! 

    Joined: October 2013

    Favourite label: Arundel Brewery's Sussex Gold - 'It has so many different print techniques on one label.'

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  • Jade Page Account Manager

    Jade Page

    Jade has been in print all her working life; managing it, selling it, buying it and now producing it! She’s fast becoming our hair-care label expert dealing with some of our big blue-chip customers and likes nothing better than seeing a complex piece of artwork turn into a classy label.

    At home she enjoys spending time with family, friends and of course her French bulldog, Reggie.

    Joined: March 2016

    Favourite label: L’Oreal Magic Retouch – ‘A label that requires a complex print process, looks great and is one of my customers!’

  • Carly Senior Account Manager/ New Product Development

    Carly Senior

    Born and bred in Sheffield, Carly’s a true northern lass. After a challenging start with an Industrial Printer selling brick, steel and chemical labels, she finally moved up market into the glorious technicolour world of AJS!

    Outside of work she’s a stay-at-home girl and likes nothing better than spending time with her family especially if it involves a spot of camping, oh and sampling the odd G&T.

    Joined: 2016

    Favourite Label: Brighton Gin – ‘I love this stand-out label especially as I’m a bit of a gin queen myself!’

  • Leanne Bullock Account Manager AJS North

    Leanne Bullock

    A bit of creative queen, Leanne spent the first part of her career in the artwork sector. Now a fully-fledged label girl she enjoys nothing better than starting at the beginning of a job and following it through to the final product; taking what a customer hopes for and achieving their expectations or exceeding them.

    But social bee Leanne knows how to let her hair down too and enjoys nothing better than attending an Indie/Rock gig and or belting out the odd karaoke.

    Joined: 2015

    Favourite label: L'Oreal Magic Retouch - 'The detailed image of the hair strands are so clever. It really shows off all the hard work AJS has put into making this label happen.'

  • Anya Beevers Trainee Account Manager AJS North

    Anya Beevers

    Our newest apprentice Anya has got off to a flying start and is proving to be a real asset to the AJS North sales team. She’s a great organiser and loves nothing better than working on our IT system CERM.

    Anya’s not just a success at work though, she’s a passionate horse-woman and won the 2012 UK Horse Parade National Championship with her pony Bobby.

    Joined: 2015

    Favourite label: Cotleigh Brewery Tawny Owl Bitter ABV 3.8% "I love the intricate image and the clever foil effect"

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  • Veronica Alderslade Accounts Assistant

    Veronica Alderslade

    Cub Scout leader Veronica is always prepared. Owner of the best-stocked pencil case in the company, Veronica prepares the monthly management accounts, wages and VAT.

    Joined: June 2004

    Favourite label: Cotleigh Brewery Premium Beer label

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  • Phill Reed Despatch Supervisor

    Phill Reed

    Family-man Phill has been with the company for nearly 14 years and has a wealth of experience at AJS. He's found his vocation as head of despatch and knows just how to get you your labels on time.

    Joined: 2001

    Favourite Label: The BodyShop Seaweed Range - 'I think the colours are striking and the wave effect very clever.'

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